Monday, May 11, 2009

Crescent Park Carousel

We went to the Crescent Park Carousel yesterday as part of our Mother's Day celebration. The Crescent Park Carousel is a place filled with smiles, laughter and old-fashioned fun. The carousel, a nationally recognized masterpiece, has been around since 1895. We had three generations of riders there yesterday. It was magical to see my daughter enjoying this gorgeous piece of history, just as I did. In fact, everything about it was magical--from the ocean breeze coming in through the carousel doors, and the sun sparkling on the stained glass windows, to the sounds of the organ playing its cheerful carnival tune.

Listed as one of the top ten Carousels in the US, Crescent Park is one of only 15 to still have a brass ring game in operation. My daughter actually got the brass ring and won a free ride. I've ridden it so many times, and I have never caught the brass ring. She talked about it all the way home.

Faithfully restored in the 1970's, the carousel really is an amazing work of art and history. I hope you get to take a ride on it someday.