Monday, March 30, 2009

Garden Rant

My husband and I used to watch gardening shows. We haven’t for a long time. Frankly, we got tired of the same-old same-old. There was something stale about them, and I guess we never could get past the fact that these shows would constantly use the phrase “plant materials” instead of simply saying plants or flowers or vegetables. To this day, when I come home with a pile of new plants, my husband jokingly asks, "Oh, will you working with plant material today?"

When I read about Garden Rant via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette I nearly fell off my chair when I learned that the women of Garden Rant are "turned off by any activities that involve landscaping with plant materials". I felt the bond instantly.

In addition, they are also "bored with perfect magazine gardens" "suspicious of the horticultural industry" and "flabbergasted at the idea of a no-maintenance garden." Now this is garden blog I can relate to.

This blog doesn’t give you a bunch of pretty pictures of flawless gardens and how tos that were probably done by a crew of workers. Instead, they’ll tell you it doesn’t need to cost a bazillion dollars to irrigate your vegetable garden, and they’re good at policing the unnecessary snobbery that seems to lurk throughout the garden industry. I hope you enjoy their down-to-earth style and wry sense of humor as much as I do.