Monday, February 16, 2009

Organic Solutions

Yesterday's bright sun brought me out for a tour of my gardens. Of course, they're all burried under snow still, but just seeing the basic outlines and the dried stalks of ecinachea gets me psyched. So I'm already planning ahead and looking for the best organic options to tackle some of the duanting dilemmas I faced last year. Powdery mildew really made a mess of my phlox and false sunflower and beatles ate my roses.

I recently found Pharm Solutions. They offer ready-to-use sprays formulated with eco-friendly ingredients. Products include organic fertilizers, and pest and weed control solutions. It's so nice to have healthy alternatives, especially when I spend so much time out there with my family and pets. Pharm Solutions will definately find its way into my garden tool basket before it's too late.