Thursday, December 11, 2008

Making Recycling a Pretty Habit

I'm so happy that Farmhouse Wares now carries these Berger Bag Holders. I have oodles of shopping bags and they always look so messy, but not anymore. You may ask why I don't buy the reusable bags from my grocery store. I did. I have many beautiful reusable bags from Whole Foods and my local market. Trouble is...I ALWAYS forget to bring them on market day.

I don't feel too bad about the grocery bags because I put them to good use. I throw one or two in my daughter's back-pack so she can bring home her wet bathing suit from camp or snow pants after a day of playing at school. I use them as liners in my small waste baskets. Anyway, I'm sure you have a few good uses too. I'd love to hear them.