Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Fall Garden Favorite

The Limelight Hydrangea is the plant that keeps on giving. In mid summer she explodes with cool greenish white flowers. As the blooms mature they turn creamy white, and they put on quite a show. But the real show is in early autumn. The flowers age to pink and red. When everything else in the garden is pretty much spent, this hydrangea gives you her best performance. The blooms are so reliable every year. She never disappoints me. Another bonus is the flowers make gorgeous bouquets or they can be dried for winter arrangements. She even looks good in the winter--her faded, wheat-colored blooms look pretty against the white snow.

Exposure: Full sun to partial shade
Height: 6-8' tall and 6-8' wide
Hardy to: -40C
Zone: 3
Latin name: Hydrangea paniculata

You can buy a Limelight Hydrangea here.