Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Umbria in a Bottle

My sister is in Italy right now visiting our good friends Paula and Mario. They live in Trevi, which is an ancient town built on a mountaintop in central Umbria. Trevi is filled with medieval churches and cobblestone streets. The thing I remember most about my visit to Trevi was the smell that was always in the air. It was of wood smoke and fresh earth. For years, I've been sniffing scented products trying to find that exact smell.

I have finally found it! These Fig and Cedarwood Fragrance Sticks have captured the scent of Trevi, that little village in Umbria. The blend of fresh fig and earthy cedar is super delicate--understated, exotic. I'm sitting here right now, wishing I were with my sister and friends, taking in that scent and sharing homemade wine. Instead, I am just as happy with my Fig and Cedarwood reeds--my Umbria in a bottle.