Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Recycling the Past

At the first hint of summer I start to get all shabby chic. I just love the idea of cool cotton that's soft and worn out. The little flowery patterns seem to summon some lazy time. I guess it’s a simple, breezy beach house feel that I’m craving.

When my friend Kate showed me her sister’s vintage fabric pillows I felt the urge to rock on a porch and sip lemonade. Mary Beth’s hand-made Vintage Pillows take you back in time.

What I really love about her pillows is that she blends the old with the new effortlessly. She’s recycling the past. Scouring flea markets and tag sales for vintage fabric and buttons, Mary Beth takes her vintage finds and repurposes them as comfy pillows. Many of them contain unique designs on both sides, so you get two designs in one. This kind of thrift is not so shabby but very chic.